Features & Benefits

  • We consider not being a self-inking fret stamp to be both a benefit and a feature of our guitar chord stamps. This allows players to use different color inks to designate different keys, and we like being able to use the ink pads of our choice.
  • Clear base for accurate and consistent fret diagram placement
  • Polyurethane pad for quality images and durability
    • Polyurethane is superior to rubber in virtually every way
    • Using clear polyurethane helps with diagram placement
    • The polyurethane combined with the clear base and quality handles just look cool. No other guitar chord stamp like it on the market.
  • With our guitar chord stamps, different color inks can be used to designate different keys.
  • Essential for learning jazz chords.
  • Aids in documenting complex or unusual guitar chord variations.
  • Critical when exploring the multitude of alternate tunings and ALL of the chord variations they contain.


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