About Dave's Chord Stamps

Our story actually started back in 1993 in Santa Cruz, CA. Well, actually long before that. Back in the day before Apple computers, I was learning guitar and became frustrated with songs spread across multiple pages in a music book. I wanted all the words and guitar chords tablatures either on one page or spread across two in a note book. Many of the songs I was learning were using increasingly difficult chords. They were hard to remember by name so I would regularly draw out the familiar guitar chord diagram wishing there was an easier way.

Years later the guitar chord rubber stamp (or fret stamp) idea came to me but I could not find the parts to put it all together. This was before the internet so research was done either by foot or by phone. After quite some time, all of the materials were located. Luckily by then, the Macintosh had arrived so I was able to put together magazine adds and a point of purchase displays. I traveled across multiple states selling my guitar chord diagram stamps store door to door. The fun part was all of the orders I'd received by mail from all over the world.

Well, many years have passed since then and our story has evolved but interest and appreciation for our guitar chord diagram stamps / fret stamps has never faded. So in 2015 we rebranded ourselves (Dave's Chord Stamps), built a new website and relaunched.

And the timing couldn't be better. We decided to celebrate the founding of our great nation in a uniquely American way - by giving a nod to the independent spirit this country was founded on. So, on the 4th of July (Independence Day), Dave's Chord Stamps was relaunched. We are very excited to see what the next chapter of our story includes and all of the new friends we'll make along the way.


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